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New registration conditions coming for,, and

Update, March 7, 2022: the effective date of the new eligibility rules is still pending confirmation from the registry.

At the beginning of February 2022, the registration rules for,, and domain names will be loosened. It will soon no longer be necessary to have a commercial presence in Turkey in order to register one of these second-level domain names.

New eligibility rules for,, and

Until now, registration of,, and domain names was subject to relatively restrictive rules:

  • registering a domain name is currently only open to those with commercial operations in Turkey, with the domain name corresponding to the brand name owned by the business entity owning the domain name, or the first and last name of a private individual who owns the domain name
  • and registration of a or domain name is currently open to those with a significant link to Turkey.

From here until the month of February 2022, these eligibility rules will evolve, providing for a wider availability for,, and Going forward:

  • No business related to Turkey will be required
  • No prior right to a particular term (company name or brand name) will be required to register the corresponding domain name

Without having a specific date to communicate, this liberalization of,, and was announced for the beginning of February 2022. Of course, we will keep you informed as to the effective date of these new eligibility conditions once they have been communicated to us.

This opening up will entail a greater risk of cybersquatting, which is why you can now pre-order,, and domain names, at their current prices, so that your orders will be submitted first when the new rules go into effect.

Feel free to contact your Account Manager or our Corporate team at for more information.