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terraform-gandi-provider 2.2.0 is out

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Release 2.2.0 of the Gandi Terraform provider has been published. This release adds new features and fixes several issues. We want to thank all contributors for this new release!

New features of Gandi Terraform 2.2.0

The tags attribute has been added on the domain resource. This attribute makes it possible to associate tags to a domain. This can be used to distinguish a domain managed by Terraform from a domain managed using the Gandi WebUI (for instance, to iteratively set up declarative configuration management in your infrastructure).

Major bug fixes of Gandi Terraform 2.2.0

Some issues related to domain contact updates have been fixed.

For more information about supported Gandi resources, please refer to the full provider documentation.

Note the previous release of this provider was published in June 2022.

Our GandiCloud VPS servers, based on OpenStack, can also be managed using Terraform. The OpenStack and Gandi Terraform providers can be used together to deploy your whole infrastructure, from domain names to servers.