Gandi’s email service impacted by “UCEPROTECT” bl...

Mar 9, 2021  - written by

Several customers have reported problems with sending email to certain contacts. Our investigation.

Introducing two-factor authentication for Gandi webmail

Feb 17, 2021  - written by

Now you can secure your webmail account at Gandi using two-factor authentication.

SSL Certificates: What they are, why you should use one, and how to...

Jan 20, 2021  - written by

As security becomes a greater priority for more and more web users, browsers and website owners a...

Why you should keep your DNS zone clean

Nov 16, 2020  - written by

Don't forget to remove old DNS records from your zone! They could be an open door waiting for an ...

What is social engineering?

Oct 22, 2020  - written by

"Social engineering" is a way to refer to manipulation that aims to get information from someone....

Why we blocked mailbox creation for some accounts

Oct 7, 2020  - written by

Last week we quietly introduced a new security feature on our Gandi mail product. Quietly because...

6 SSL certificate FAQs you may have

Sep 10, 2020  - written by

Answers to seven of the most common questions people have about SSL certificates

How to secure a website

Aug 25, 2020  - written by

Building trust with your website's visitors is essential, and securing your website is critical t...

SSL certificate validity officially limited to one year

Aug 14, 2020  - written by

With the lifespan of SSL certificates being reduced to 1 year starting August 18, Gandi is offeri...