SSL certificates on #gandiv5

08.16.2017 - written by

SSL certificates have arrived on Gandi V5 and along with them, some other great changes leveragin...

Security issue CVE-2015-7547

02.17.2016 - written by

We recommend that all IaaS platform users update the glibc

Now entering GoLive: .protection, .theatre, .security

01.27.2016 - written by

Three domains to meet your needs: .protection, .theatre and .security are entering the GoLive phase.

Free TLS/SSL certificates with Let’s Encrypt and Gandi

01.12.2016 - written by

Automated tool for Simple Hosting and more...

Be safe with .protection, .security, now in Sunrise

12.18.2015 - written by

Two new gTLDs right up our alley—.protection and .security are now entering the Sunrise phase.

Certificate update on Simple Hosting admin interfaces

05.19.2015 - written by

New SSL certificates (SHA2) have been installed on PaaS admin interfaces.

Ghost security vulnerability

01.27.2015 - written by

Simple Hosting and VPS users should take action ASAP to protect against a serious new security vu...

Continued improvements for SFTP on Simple Hosting

12.23.2014 - written by

We are performing more maintenance tasks on Simple Hosting SFTP this December and January.

[Resolved] Emergency maintenance for Baltimore core

11.13.2014 - written by

Emergency maintenance for Baltimore core the 19th of November, start at 8:00 AM UTC