The Gandi Community

Gandi’s new platform, it’s here!

We are pleased to present you with the very first viable version of this vast project that we’re calling “#gandiV5” (the current platform is the fourth version of our website), and you can read about its genesis here.


First a little disclaimer: this first version, while viable, unfortunately does not yet meet all the needs of all our customers. So if you can’t find the tools that you need to manage your products, please keep in mind that the current version (v4) of our site will be maintained until all of its features have been integrated into #gandiV5.

With that out of the way, we would like to invite you to test out the new version of our site at

In this first version of the beta release you can:

  • use our new login system
  • manage your account from a unique login username that you chose when you activate your #gandiV5 account
  • connect a user to units called “organizations”. These units will let you have a more granular management over your products and user account rights.
  • migrate your account to a new #gandiv5 account: just log in to the site with your v4 Gandi handle and password, and then follow the instructions.

If your v4 Gandi handle is not an individual-type handle, the site will prompt you to create a “personal account” on the new site, that can be associated with an “organization” that represents your company, association, etc., and under which your Gandi products will be accessible. You can manage as many organizations as you want using the same personal account.

You’ll also soon be able to add other users to your “organizations” and grant them specific rights, though this feature is not yet available.

Your account and products on mobile devices

Our entire website, including the product dashboards, now automatically adapts to smartphones and tablets. You can now purchase, manage, and even renew your domain names from your smartphone, during your commute, at the beach, on the ski slopes… (So no more excuses for expired domains!) If you have a lot of domains in your account, you’ll probably soon realize, though, that the current interface is not yet quite ideal for multi-domain management. This isn’t how things will always be, but just until we finish building out the new multi-domain management features, which will be available sometime in the next few weeks.

Our domain name search engine

You may have already played around with our domain name search engine that suggests extensions for you based on their pertinence to your search terms in the classic version of our site. On #gandiV5, we are introducing an intelligent, machine-learning algorithm that adapts over time, in order to provide you with suggestions on the domain name itself.

Management of email mailboxes and a new webmail interface

You can already manage your mailboxes and forwarding addresses on #gandiV5. Better yet, we will soon be incorporating a new webmail interface that, like the rest of the new site, is also adapted to mobile devices. And has a calendar. You will additionally be able to create out-of-office replies and personalized mail filters. We do have some other upgrades and improvements to our mail service as a whole to unveil soon, but that will come in a separate post.


Another new feature on #gandiV5 is LiveDNS, our new DNS service. While our classic DNS service pushed zone file changes once every 20 minutes, the LiveDNS service does so immediately after each change. One word of warning, though: if you choose to change a domain’s DNS to LiveDNS, once you do so, zonefile records can no longer be managed on the v4 interface, unless you switch back to our classic DNS.

In the very near future, we expect to release other new features to LiveDNS such as one-click DNSSEC activation, zonefile templates, and snapshots.

Easier integration of third-party services

With #gandiV5, integrating to third-party services such as Gmail, GitHub, and Squarespace, will become tremendously easier. Throughout 2017, we will continue to grow the list of third-party services that can be linked.

In addition to significant upgrades to previously-existing services, we are currently working on the admin dashboard for Simple Hosting instances, and improved management of domain name transfers. These will be available on #gandiV5 in a matter of weeks.

The next update on the progress of our new platform is planned for early January. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to send us your impressions and, of course, report any problems you may encounter. You can reach us at

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