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Introducing SoGo: new webmail service in beta

We teased it when we announced the launch of #gandiv5 in beta, and now we can officially pull back the curtain and unveil our new webmail service: SOGo.


SOGo is the open-source software we have selected for our new webmail service and it’s now available in beta. This simple, easy-to-use webmail interface, which you can now use with any mailbox created in Gandi Mail for a domain name registered at Gandi, provides long-anticipated upgrades to our webmail, including a calendar and address book.


Adapted for use across multiple devices — whether a desktop or laptop, a smartphone, or a tablet — you can try it out now at

As with Roundcube (our current webmail service), use your email address for the username and your mailbox password (the same you’d use for Roundcube, Thunderbird, Outlook, etc.) and start playing around.


Here are some of the advanced features you’ll likely notice in SOGo you can:


  • Choose from 32 different display languages
  • Create customized folders
  • Convert emails into events or tasks
  • Add predefined or custom labels


Sharing an email address between multiple users will eventually be possible, but for the moment that function is not yet fully online.

Features not yet integrated but that will be shortly include mail filter (Sieve) management, password modification (currently only possible from your Gandi handle). So keep a look out for those additions in the coming weeks.


Besides webmail, SOGo also features a calendar which allows you to:


  • Create multiple calendars, each with customizable advanced settings (confidentiality, delegation, synchronization)
  • Share and export in various formats (web, ICS, XML)
  • Create events as well as tasks, with start and end dates, priority, status and progress
  • Assign tasks and events to different predefined or custom categories
  • Subscribe to public calendars shared by other users or to web calendars



Even though it’s still in beta testing, this new webmail interface is fully functional, and actions such as email deletion or creation of new folders will be performed on your mailbox just as though you were accessing it from any other mail client, meaning that if you access your mailbox from Roundcube webmail or a mail client like Outlook or Thunderbird, you’ll see changes made in SOGo reflected there as well.

In the meantime, take SOGo for a spin and see how you like it. As with all products launched in beta, you may in fact run into bugs (some of which we’re already correcting) so if you do encounter any problems and need our help, feel free to contact us by emailing