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Moving to our new datacenter

We recently opened our new datacenter in Paris, FR-SD3. This new datacenter boasts a modern infrastructure, offering better performance and stability to our customers. This is the first deployment of our new architecture and datacenter model for future hosting points of presence, designed from the ground up by our developers.

In the next few months, we will be opening a few new datacenters using this new architecture, both for our own internal uses as well as for our customers.

By contrast, our first datacenter in Paris, FR-SD2, has hosted our customers’ servers since 2007 (10 years already!). Even with regular updates, FR-SD2 is starting to show its age, with certain practices that are no longer commonly in use holding us back from making the kind of performance improvements we want to provide and which we can now provide on FR-SD3.

And so after a decade of faithful service to the cause, the time has come to close FR-SD2.  Between now and November 24, 2017, we will be migrating all our customers’ hosting resources currently hosted on FR-SD2 to new datacenters in the mold of FR-SD3. Then, on November 24, FR-SD2 will be definitively closed.

The migration process from FR-SD2 will take place in a few phases, which we will describe in detail shortly. For now, you should be aware that:

  • Soon new customers will no longer be able to purchase new IaaS resources on FR-SD2. Only FR-SD3 (Paris) and LU-BI1 (Luxembourg) will be available.
  • We will soon be making an automatic migration tool available to a majority of our customers on our website.
  • Migrated servers will be assigned new IP addresses but will keep their current IP addresses until FR-SD2 is shutdown, to make the transition easier.
  • Certain servers migrated with this tool will require special attention in case they make use of specific, special configurations
  • We will be publishing an easy to use migration procedure so that customers can handle migration themselves.

In the meantime, we would invite our customers, especially those who use older systems, to migrate their data onto new servers. The new functionalities on the new systems and kernels, as well as the stability and security improvements available on them along with the improved performance on FR-SD3 itself should make the transition a breath of fresh air.

We will be publishing more information in the next few weeks and months. From here, though, please do not hesitate to contact our Hosting support team for more information.