It’s been hard-to-miss that since January we’ve been slowly remaking ourselves, with the most visible part of that transformation being our new site and new admin interface (in case you did miss it, you can catch up by reading through #gandiv5 updates here).

The last time we updated our News platform was back in 2011, and the winds of change have swept through every corner of our organization, including the way that we keep you up-to-date with all information we think could be relevant to you. All of that is to say …

Welcome to Gandi News!

While there are still a few bells and whistles left to install, the basics are there: a new, more modern site, based on a battle-tested content management system, viewable from any web browser on any device.

Besides promos and the latest TLD releases, we now have all posts translated in five languages, covering a wide range of topics from tutorials covering the finer points of using our Cloud hosting platform, to recent goings-on in our offices, and in-depth looks at our supported projects.

And beyond the sharp new look of the site or even the wealth of smart, new content we’ll be sharing with you, the new Gandi News is now, itself intelligent. While our content creators may wish that you’ll pour over every precious word published on our site (with 730 TLDs and more than 180 promos since the beginning of 2017 alone), the reality is that not everything posted here will be super relevant to everyone. And now Gandi News is aware of that fact too, and will now start to filter the most relevant information to you.

Thanks to our R&D team who are already working on our domain name search engine, we can now present you news items and content based on our geographic location among other factors, whether on our home page or in the new #gandiv5 control panel.

So have a look around, stay for awhile, and while you’re here feel free to tell us what you think in the comments.