The Gandi Community

#gandiv5 Gets a New Dashboard

We have enhanced our new platform, #gandiv5, with a new dashboard that will make the domain name and hosting management easy by letting you see in one central display all information relevant to you and your account.

After adding a search bar that lets you search for each individual Gandi product by name from amongst any number of organizations to which you may have been delegated rights, we have now added a new version of our dashboard that alerts you of pending orders and operations.

Aside from just alerting you, these notifications will allow you to perform the necessary operations in just a few clicks.

The first iteration of the dashboard already displays reminders for email address verification, contextual help when migrating an organization’s products from our legacy interface, invitations received to join a team, and notifications when invitations you send are accepted or rejected.

The next few updates to this interface will also allow you to:

  • Receive renewal alerts for products expiring soon, with the possibility to launch a renewal of one or more products from the dashboard
  • Renew in one go all the products owned by a single organization
  • Monitor your prepaid account, including viewing account balance and approaching expiration dates on saved credit or debit cards for automatic payments
  • Validate an incoming transfer or owner change of a domain name

As a central element of our new management interface, we will continue to update and enhance the dashboard and its features. If you have thoughts or comments on it in its present form, we would of course greatly appreciate your input, so feel free to email us at