Updates and releases

#gandiv5: Ready for takeoff

Following our announcement at the beginning of this year of the slow launch of our new platform #gandiv5, it’s time again for another update, like we did a few weeks ago, on how things are coming along. And it’s all the more important to give another update as we continue to approach the point where we can move all of our customers over to the new platform.

Because we have been slowly launching #gandiv5, not all functionalities have been available from the beginning of the launch of #gandiv5 in Beta. Certain features have since been added and others are set to be added in the coming weeks. The front interface is also subject to regular optimizations.

In any case, no need to panic: any functions not yet available on the new platform will remain available on the old one until they are fully integrated into #gandiv5.

Here are the principal functions that have been added recently, or will be added to #gandiv5 in the coming weeks:

Through July:


  • SSL/TLS certificate management


  • Purchase and simplified Cloud server management interface

From October to December :

  • Launch of the reseller and large-portfolio management platform
  • Zone file management
  • Complete Cloud server management
  • Gandi Site and Gandi Blog management

We decided on this slow launch approach because of one significant advantage: our customers can opt-in to the new site by migrating their account(s) before the final switchover, depending on their needs. As such, if you only management a small number of domains, we suggest migrating today and trying the new site as soon as possible: that way you’ll have all the time you need to get used to #gandiv5 before you can no longer access the old interface.

Otherwise, we expect that when the final cut-off date does arrive, our Customer care team will be busier than normal. Migrating ahead of time gives you the chance to get help from our team before the rush.

See you soon on #gandiv5!