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Introducing the new Gandi Mail

Recently, we massively overhauled our Gandi Mail service on #gandiv5, with an aim to better adapt it to your needs.

Following the announcement of our new webmail platform SOGo, which includes a calendar, a task list, an address book, and greater accessibility across platforms, and following the activation of Sieve rules — allowing you to manage filters and auto-replies — we are happy to introduce you to the new Gandi Mail service.

What’s new with Gandi Mail?

If you are familiar with Gandi Mail up until now, the basic email service included with a domain name has consisted of, since it’s inception, five mailboxes and 1 GB of disk space, with 1,000 mailboxes as well as additional disk space available with the purchase of a Mail Pack.

With the new Gandi Mail, though, that’s changing. The new service introduces two new kinds of mailboxes: Standard and Premium. This change primarily has to do with massively increasing the amount of disk space allowed per mailbox. While the old Gandi Mail had a 1 GB disk space quota for the entire service (whether that consisted of a single mailbox or the full five mailboxes), each Standard mailbox is allowed up to 3 GB of storage. Per mailbox. If you need more than 3 GB for a single mailbox, you can pay to upgrade it to a Premium mailbox, which has 50 GB of storage per mailbox.

The new Gandi Mail, then, consists of the following:

  • Two Standard type mailboxes, with 3 GB of disk space each, included with your domain
  • The option to subscribe to extra mailboxes, either as Standard (3 GB) or Premium (50 GB) mailboxes

What will happen to my five free mailboxes, then?

Don’t worry, we have you covered. All five free Gandi Mail mailboxes that you currently have from before will be converted to Standard mailboxes (each with 3 GB of storage space) for no charge.

If you want to take advantage of the new Gandi Mail, though, you’ll need to migrate your account to our new #gandiv5 platform, if you haven’t already of course. Once migrated, you just need to change over to the new Gandi Mail from your dashboard.

Please note: once you have switched over to the new Gandi Mail, you will no longer be able to renew your domain from our legacy platform (including via the API), or manage your email service from the legacy platform either.

You can then either use Roundcube, our current webmail platform at or you can of course use the new webmail platform, SOGo, which will also be available from the #gandiv5 dashboard.

Remember: the contacts that you have saved in Roundcube will not be automatically imported into SOGo. You’ll need to export them from Roundcube and import them into SOGo following the instructions in our online documentation.

How much will the extra mailboxes cost in the new Gandi Mail?

As stated above, the new Gandi Mail service included free with the purchase of a domain name now consists of 2 Standard mailboxes with 3 GB of storage each (previously, the free service consisted of five mailboxes sharing a total storage space of 1 GB).

We’re now selling additional mailboxes as Standard and Premium mailboxes, at the following rates:

  • $0.40* per Standard mailbox per month at A rates
  • $2.00** per Premium mailbox per month

(These are the prices at A rates. As with all our products, the pricing tiers decrease in price as you reach each progressive level of dollars spent).

As with the previous Mail Pack service, these additional mailboxes will still be linked to the domain name registration in the following ways:

  • the length of the subscription extends until the expiration date of the domain in question
  • they will be renewed along with your domain name
  • they have no commitment attached; even if you’ve purchased them for longer, you may choose to delete them and receive a pro-rated credit for the time not used

How to migrate to the new Gandi Mail

If you don’t specifically choose to migrate all or some of your mailboxes to the new Gandi Mail platform, nothing changes, even if you’ve already migrated your account to #gandiv5.

Once we’ve migrated every last customer to #gandiv5, if you haven’t already moved over to the new Gandi Mail platform as well, your mailboxes will automatically be converted to either Standard or Premium mailboxes, depending on how much disk space they each consume at that moment.

When you migrate your mailboxes, you’ll see a table summarizing the conversion of your mailboxes, which will allow you to see just how much of an improvement the new Gandi Mail is over the old.

Of course, we’re available to answer any questions you may have or to help walk you through the migration, either of your account or just of your mailboxes. Don’t hesitate to the instructions in our online documentation should you run into any problems, or just need a hand.

* in USD. Standard mailboxes are €0.35, £0.31, or NT$11 at A rates
** in USD. Premium mailboxes are €1.75, £1.57, or NT$63 at A rates