The Gandi Community

Our own little piece of the internet

Sometimes at Gandi as in other places, difficulties and setbacks that can pile up and—we won’t lie—can weigh heavily on the morale of a team. In these moments, it helps to remember that we have our own little piece of the internet, and that we can be proud of that.

Behind our 2.5 million active domain names, there are just as many websites and services that we help maintain, and that are the main focus of your domain usage. From banking services on e-commerce sites that let you buy online everyday to sites showcasing your businesses, or the administrative services you rely on, all of these rely in turn on our ability to keep your domains up and running.

With a domain name, regardless of the technology used to develop your site, you’d never be able to access it. The internet is central to the business of most companies these days and a domain name is a critical piece of that. If your domain doesn’t work, no one can access your site and your company’s emails will stop working. In short, your entire business would be totally paralyzed.

This is a fact we feel acutely with every even minor incident that impacts our services—the number of support tickets opened by our customers soars along with your frustration!

And while our technical teams hunker down to attack the problem, on the Customer care side, we unleash our “Backlog Killer” plan. Everyone puts their full attention to closing opened tickets, including members of other teams who lend a hand to our Customer care team to help out. Usually, we also temporarily deactivate our support chat. While the chat offers our customers a chance to reach us directly, a Customer care agent can respond to more emails in the time it takes to complete a chat. At the same time, our social media team works diligently to communicate the latest updates from our technical team. And it’s also not uncommon for our Finance team to help keep spirits up with special treats.

All of this has a single objective—as quickly as possible reduce the impact of the incident in question and help you keep your site and services online. Because, after all, we do have our own little piece of the internet, and all of us take this responsibility to heart.