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Gandi is helping small businesses get online

Developing an online presence has been one of the major challenges for small- and medium-sized businesses over the past ten years, and even more so in the year 2020. While an online presence offers new opportunities, it also requires specific skills, especially:

  • technical: in order to ensure all digital services stay online
  • legal: in order to handle problems with intellectual property

These skills are not always present in small organizations.

As part of our small- and medium-sized business plan, Gandi’s offering a support service to help small- and medium-sized companies bring their businesses online. It’s important to consider this aspect of your business from the very start.

Establishing an online business presence: the domain name—keystone of your strategy

How is Gandi a specialist in establishing an online presence? By virtue of our position as a domain name registrar and hosting provider, the two starting points for any online project.

Preventing attacks

In essence, a domain name is the address used to send visitors to a website, but it’s also the starting point for all of a company’s digital presence, most notably professional email addresses. The availability of a domain name, or more precisely its DNS servers (whose purpose is to associate easy-to-remember names like to Internet Protocol or IP addresses—that string of numbers that represents the computer a website is hosted on), is the most essential for optimizing your online presence. The availability of your DNS servers can me maxmized by using a premium DNS service: Gandi’s technical team protect you from cyberattacks, most especially DDoS attacks. That way, you can carry out your online activity without worrying about downtime for your website or business email.

Build your naming strategy

At the same time, cyberattacks aren’t just limited to DDoS attacks. Cybersquatting is also an omnipresent threat for all brands. Since domain names can be registered by anyone, and often for only a few dollars a year, your brand name can be easy prey for cybercriminals who want to use it to divert your traffic to malicious ends and, as a result, tarnish your brand’s image. That’s why it’s important to define the most relevant domain endings to register, not just to reach your target market, but also to protect your brand name. This is called a “naming strategy” and is unique for each business. This strategy evolves according to:

  • The growth of the company
  • Changes in the structure of the business (mergers and acquisitions, etc.)
  • Commercial challenges (launching a new product, a new advertising campaign, etc.)

You alone have this long-term view, which is why we invite you to maintain control over your strategy by having us help support and guide you with tailored advice, delivered by our team of domain name and online brand protection experts.

How can you take advantage of this Gandi service?

To help you optimize your naming strategy, our experts provide their technical and legal expertise in 45 minute phone calls. In this time, you can discuss topics such as:

  • Defining the ideal action plan for transferring your domain name portfolio without interrupting your business
  • Domain endings in which to register your domains in order to secure your online presence and avoice cybersquatting and other threats
  • Recommendations on key subjects for your online business

It couldn’t be easier to enjoy these benefits:

  1. Make a request to our team via this online form.This first contact is the time to briefly tell us about your business and the project you’re looking to undertake so that we can be sure to optimize our time on the phone.
  2. A dedicated expert will study your request and contact you to schedule a good time to talk and gather any last-minute details they need to help prepare a plan of action
  3. They will then contact you to talk through the most appropriate plan of action to help you with what you’re looking to do
  4. We send you a report on the plan of action and our conversation with you by email so that you have a record of it
  5. Your dedicated expert then follows up by email to help you implement your strategy

This dedicated support service, tailormade for you on demand is exclusively available to small- and medium-sized business customers and is billed at $160.00 (USD).

If you’re not yet a Gandi customer or you want to know more about this support service, please feel free to contact us at Our dedicated team is available to answer all your questions.