Beyond being just a humble hosting service, Simple Hosting lets you install, automatically and free of charge, a broad range of applications to help you achieve your online projects.

In 2020, Gandi implemented several new applications in our Simple Hosting service. Here’s a summary of the new apps installable on Simple Hosting in just one click.

Simple Hosting for WordPress

WordPress, the CMS used for the creation of one out of every two sites in the world today, requires no introduction.

This solution has such wide adoption precisely because it makes it easy to create a simple personal blog as well as a professional business site, or even an online store thanks to plugins like Woocommerce. WordPress counts among its strengths:

  • ease of use, even if you’re not an expert
  • an enormous catalog of themes and add-ons!

For a basic “showcase” site, we suggest getting a size M. You can also change the size of your instance at any moment.

Available on Simple Hosting starting at $10.00* per month.

Install Simple Hosting WordPress

Simple Hosting for Nextcloud

Nextcloud lets you deploy your own personal or professional cloud, for storing files and using collaborative tools with your team. You can easily share and store your files, all while maintaining control of your own data.

Nextclou also has additional features that let you centralize calendars and contacts, organize polls and even collaboratively edit documents online!

Here are Nextcloud’s main strengths:

  • An open-source storage option
  • Several features for collaborative work (surveys, calendars, project management tools)
  • Mobile apps available for iOS and Android

Available on your Simple Hosting instance starting at $10.00* per month.

Find out more about Simple Hosting for Nextcloud

Simple Hosting for Prestashop

Prestashop is the solution that brings together all the tools you need to start an online store. Prestashop lets you easily implement a site, an ordering system, and also your entire product catalog including pricing and promos! Prestashop also has dozens of add-ons that connect to delivery management tools, online payment systems, and other tools you may need for your online sales channel.

The “Gandi hosting + Prestashop” combo is the high-perfomrance solution for taking your business online while keeping transactions secure for your customers and staying on budget.

To host a Prestashop site, we suggest a Simple Hosting size L instance. It’s easy to upgrade to a more powerful instance later (as a function of the number of add-ons you install or the amount of traffic you have on your e-commerce site).

Prestashop’s strengths include:

  • Professional-grade e-commerce site
  • Open-source solution where you control your data and your customers’ data
  • Many add-ons and themes available for customizing your site

Available on your Simple Hosting instance starting at $20.00* per month.

Launch a Simple Hosting e-commerce site with Prestashop

Simple Hosting for Matomo

If you’re looking to implement an analytics tool that lets you precisely measure page visits and actions by your site or sites’ visitors while maintaining control over the data, Matamo is really the solution par excellence.

Matamo also easily integrates with WordPress and Prestashop and is also available for automatic installation on Simple Hosting!

Matamo’s strengths:

  • Only you have access to the traffic data of your site
  • Integration with WordPress and Prestashop
  • Several advanced features

Find out more in your Simple Hosting interface.

Simple Hosting for GravCMS

GravCMS lets you easily create lightweight and elegant websites. The distinguishing aspect of this CMS is that it doesn’t require a database. Once the pages/site are genereated, they are stored as a set of generic html pages, which considerably reduces load times for visitors. This in turn allows you to avoid the constraints sometimes linked to databases (performance, compatability, security …).

Strenghts of GravCMS:

  • Lets you create very lightweight sites
  • Only static files, so less risk of compromise

Find out more on your Simple Hosting interface.

The advantages of Gandi Simple Hosting

  • Automatic installation in less than 10 minutes
  • Free SSL certificates
  • 50% off your first year of hosting
  • Technical support available 24 hours a day, 6 days a week

*Prices in USD