Now available: .PAGE domains

Aug 27, 2018  - written by

Google's registry, Charleston Road, is launching the .page TLD in Sunrise on August 27 at 9:00 AM...


Get your .app for 35% off this September

Aug 21, 2018  - written by

Got an idea for a killer .app? Register it this September for just $14.95 for the first year.


Simple Hosting S+SSL for the price of S

Aug 20, 2018  - written by

All month, secure your sites hosted on a Simple Hosting instance with an SSL certificate for the ...


GoLive for .llc domains

Aug 6, 2018  - written by

Order your .llc for the GoLive phase now and we'll send the registration to the registry at 9:00 ...


Find your .charity, now in Sunrise

Aug 6, 2018  - written by

Get a .charity domain today, now in the Sunrise phase.

Anticipated Cybersquatting, a growing trend.

Jul 4, 2018  - written by

Adopt the right reflexes to optimize your brand protection.


Register your .llc

Jun 5, 2018  - written by

The .llc TLD has entered the Sunrise phase and .llc is open for registration in the Sunrise, Land...


First year half price on .ist and .istanbul

Jun 1, 2018  - written by

Get your .ist or .istanbul for half price until the end of the year.

A new round of applications for new TLDs?

May 7, 2018  - written by

When, at the ICANN61 this Spring in Puerto Rico, the question of a second round of new TLDs, was ...