For its third anniversary, .paris is € 24 for the first year

03.02.2018 - written by

Act fast because this deal only applies to the first 350 domains registered

Simple Hosting : our new platform is now live!

03.02.2018 - written by

Migration of our Simple Hosting service from our former data center, FR-SD2 is completed. We are ...

Phishing Alert

02.23.2018 - written by

A campaign attempting to steal your Gandi login details and bank account information is going on.


Here’s to a restored Lithuania!

02.16.2018 - written by

It's the Centennial of the Restored State of Lithuania. Celebrate with 50% off the first year of ...


Find your .moe in February

01.30.2018 - written by

Moe for a .moe - the domain for anime, manga, cosplay and games - only US$3.00 to register in Feb...


All 2018, all .xyz are only $2.99

01.25.2018 - written by

What's the .xyz domain you always wanted? Get the first year for $2.99 in 2018. service will be unavailable

01.16.2018 - written by

The service will be down for maintenance for a few hours on January 17th.

New year, new pricing for .net

01.10.2018 - written by

Prices for .net creations, transfers, and renewals increase by $0.50 each on January 31.

Special grandfathering phase for .KE domains until December 22nd

12.11.2017 - written by

The Kenyan Registry KENIC has announced that it has launched a Grandfathering phase on .KE domains.