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Detailed incident report

Jul 10, 2017  - written by

A detailed report on the July 7 incident impacting a total of 751 domains managed by our technica...

A more Xen future

Jul 7, 2017  - written by

Changing course with our virtualization strategy


It’s a festival of Radix domain creations and renewals

Jul 1, 2017  - written by

Great deals abound on Radix domain creations and renewals, including promos on .tech, .online, .s...

New rules for .io domains

Jun 24, 2017  - written by

The end-of-life and whois policies have changed for .io domains, following the migration of this ...

Don’t miss an expiration date with automatic renewal

Jun 16, 2017  - written by

Avoid embarrassing downtime with automatic domain renewal at Gandi.


.BLOG domains are on sale

Jun 16, 2017  - written by

Get a customized domain for your blog, on sale at $12 per year.

#GandiV5 news: organizations and username

Feb 10, 2017  - written by

Simplify the management of your products and accounts with a single username and product manageme...


A new year, a new .org

Jan 1, 2017  - written by

Last year's promos on .org domains have been extended through June 30, 2018.

V5 is coming soon

Sep 29, 2016  - written by

Welcome to #gandiV5, the new version of Gandi’s web platform.   We’ve put togeth...