Now anyone can .travel

Oct 4, 2016  - written by

Close your eyes and pick a place to go, because .travel is now open to those outside the industry.

Now you can say “website” in Chinese

Sep 29, 2016  - written by

The Chinese version of .website, .网站 is now available.

Get shopping for your .shopping

Sep 21, 2016  - written by

Now that it's in the GoLive phase, it's time to go .shopping.

Make up a .makeup, now available

Sep 20, 2016  - written by

Grab a brush and put on a little .makeup, now entering the Sunrise phase.

Play any .games you like in GoLive

Sep 20, 2016  - written by

Available September 21, 2016 at 10:00 AM PDT for $23.15.

Opening day sale on .shop

Sep 6, 2016  - written by

Register a .shop in GoLive today and get the first year for more than 45% off. from A rates.

Get your .blog now at Gandi

Aug 11, 2016  - written by

Here's something to blog about: .blog is  entering the Sunrise phase.

.商标 now available at Gandi

Aug 9, 2016  - written by

.商标, Chinese for "trademark" is now available at Gandi.

Nooow available at Gandi: .ooo

Aug 9, 2016  - written by

Nooow available at Gandi: .ooo domains at $38.33 per year at A rates*.