Price increase on 20 domains in January 2021

Dec 2, 2020  - written by

Starting in January 2021, several registries notified Gandi that they will be raising the standar...

Price increase on 16 Afilias domains on December 31

Dec 5, 2019  - written by

With the new year, the price is going up on sixteen domains managed by the registry Afilias. Regi...

Half off new Simple Hosting subscriptions

Oct 3, 2019  - written by

Get half off your first Gandi web hosting instance of any size!


Colorful promotion on Afilias domains

Aug 17, 2018  - written by

Seventeen TLDs from the registry Afilias are on promotion from now until December 31, 2018


Thirteen TLDs of all stripes on sale

Jul 5, 2017  - written by

Already on promo since the beginning of the year, promos on TLDs such as .info, .promo, and .ski ...

The first half of 2017 is half-off on Afilias domains

Jan 10, 2017  - written by

A half-year of half-price domains from Afilias

Big fat .promo, 50% off

Dec 31, 2016  - written by

What it is and exactly how much it is, is right there in the title.

Go paperless with .promo, now in GoLive

May 19, 2016  - written by

Stop printing your coupons on paper and put them on a .promo domain, now in the GoLive phase.

Domains in .promo not on promo but in Sunrise

Apr 14, 2016  - written by

This .promo isn’t on promo but is in the Sunrise phase, from now until May 16