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Update on #gandiv5 for our resellers

Ever since #gandiv5 came out in beta, many resellers have been clamoring to know when the new platform would at least be available for you. We thought our resellers and corporate customers would be able to start migrating to v5 this October. Unfortunately, we need a few more weeks before the site is ready for these customers.

As we’ve explained elsewhere, the rollout of #gandiv5 started with a minimum-viable product encompassing the basic functions of domain purchasing and management. Since the initial launch, in two-week cycles, we have added to, modified, and optimized various features over time, adding SSL, e-mail, and Simple Hosting.

Unfortunately, the specific features needed by Resellers and corporate customers alike, like management of complicated lists of products, advanced sorting and filtering options for example, are not yet ready.

Some of you have expressed frustration that you cannot yet take advantage of the many benefits and new features available on #gandiv5. We understand that frustration. But most of our resellers sell and manage large domain name portfolios and want to assure a high quality of service.

We cannot (and do not want to) recommend a migration of such large reseller portfolios to the #gandiv5 platform until we have ensured that they will have the tools necessary to maintain the quality of service their customers expect.

At this point, #gandiv5 has been deployed on a country-by-country basis across over 95% of the globe and within the next two or three weeks it will be the default interface on in every country. Currently, the features and functions required by 90% of all Gandi customers are available and we will continue to add to and improve these on a daily basis.

For the remaining 10% of customers, including resellers and corporate customers, there are still a few options:

  • We are maintaining the previous version of our online platform for as long as necessary at
  • We will continue minimal maintenance on the v4 API until at least December 2018, possibly longer
  • We will progressively deploy the v5 API (the LiveDNS portion is already public)

In the coming weeks we hope we’ll be able to bring you some better news and we can assure you our team is committed to finalizing the remaining developments necessary.

For now, we can only thank you for your continued patience and understanding and of course our customer care team is available to answer any questions you may have.