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This year has gotten off to a flying start for our teams.

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As you know, last year was particularly gruelling. And while our teams are buckled down and working hard (and drinking lots of coffee!) in order to complete the interfaces that will be used by our resellers and Corporate customers, we are seeing a new increase in the number of support tickets opened each day, leading to a response time that is longer than usual.

To give you an idea, the backlog of tickets waiting for answers – which is usually around 900 tickets – exceeded a historic record of 1700 tickets this week!

This is mainly due to two factors:

First of all, the month of January is traditionally a month of high activity for Gandi. During the renewal of their domain names, many customers chose to migrate to #gandiv5 and discover our new interface and the new management of users, organizations, and teams. The result of all this is more customers needing help with the new site, and therefore more tickets, longer response times, and impatient customers.

At the same time, the migration of our hosting customers at FR-SD2 to FR-SD3, FR-SD5 and FR-SD6, announced last August, led to service interruptions and latencies for many customers. Our technical teams are working hard both at the datacenter and in maintaining the platform, but there too, we clearly had to handle a larger number of support tickets at the beginning of the year as usual.

We sincerely apologize for the frustration and the added waiting time caused by these subjects, but these changes are necessary to be even better and more efficient both in the management of your domain names and in our hosting services.

In addition, the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities that we spoke about in the beginning of January added an additional workload to the already very busy schedule of our technical teams.

The good news is that the end is near:

With regards to the interface, our UI/UX team has already made (and continues to make) many modifications and improvements that allow our customers to better find their way around our website, as well as complete documentation being prepared. We will soon be sharing some of the changes to our platform’s UX with you.

On the hosting side, we have asked a lot of patience of our customers, however it had become necessary to shake up our platform and rebuild it from the ground up, both to be able to meet your usage needs as well as to maintain the stability of our hosting service, and therefore the quality of service that you are used to.

This has not been without difficulty, and many customers encountered, and still encounter, problems that our technical and support teams are working day and night to resolve. However, all of these efforts are worth it: at the conclusion of this period of instability, you will have much better performance and moreover we will be able to greatly expand our products.

We are also hiring for the Support, Development, and Operations teams, to help assure that we can go farther and faster in this deployment, which is so very important to us.

All of these are good reasons to hope to a return to normal very soon, with a reasonable volume of tickets, which will allow our support teams in Paris, Luxembourg, Taipei, and San Francisco to reply to you in short response times that you are used to from us…and to reduce their coffee intake 🙂