New language and database combinations on Simple Hosting

Oct 16, 2017  - written by

Eighteen new combinations of programming language and database versions are available on Simple H...

Introducing the new Gandi Mail

Aug 2, 2017  - written by

Our new version of Gandi Mail, now available on #gandiv5, offers improvements over the old version.

#gandiv5 Gets a New Dashboard

Jul 26, 2017  - written by

We have enhanced our new platform, #gandiv5, with a new dashboard that will make domain name and ...

Why Gandi supports net neutrality

Jul 12, 2017  - written by

We deserve equal access to the internet and the FCC is trying to take that away. Act now to save ...


After opening to non-corporate customers, .IE is on sale

Jul 3, 2017  - written by

Not only just open to non-corporate customers, .ie is also now on sale: €15 for the first year

#gandiV5 Organizations and teams

Jun 19, 2017  - written by

Understanding the new more dynamic and flexible rights management structure in #gandiv5