#GandiV5 news: organizations and username

01.26.2017 - written by

One of the main new features of #GandiV5 (and probably the one that you have asked most about so ...

Introducing SoGo: new webmail service in beta

01.18.2017 - written by

Try our new mobile-friendly webmail service, with an integrated calendar and task-list, now in...

New datacenter for hosting services in Paris

01.11.2017 - written by

Our brand new datacenter FR-SD3 is now available for tests in Alpha.

About hosting at Gandi in 2017

12.30.2016 - written by

We share some thoughts and news about hosting at Gandi for 2017.

The first step.

12.28.2016 - written by

After several months of preparation, we are issuing a beta release of our new platform, #gandiV5.

Gandi’s new platform, it’s here!

12.28.2016 - written by

Beta release of the first viable version of our new platform.