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The winners of the #PrintMyGandi t-shirt contest


The #PrintMyGandi contest is now done!

And now it’s time to announce the winners of our Gandi20 collector t-shirt design contest. With more than a hundred participants in the #PrintMyGandi, 3 designs came out as the most popular.

The #PrintMyGandi contest

On February 3, 2020, a little more than two months ago, we launched the first game in our Gandi20 series.

On board the Gandi-One, a one-of-a-kind spatio-temporal ship created with the utmost secrecy, participants explore space-time, participate in games and contests, and win from among thousands of prizes. But before embarking on this space adventure, we needed to create uniforms for our explorers!

Hence we created the t-shirt design contest, through which Gandi provided a drag & drop t-shirt design studio that allowed you to design the t-shirt of your dreams.

A quick review of the contest rules:

The top 3 designs that receive the most likes and retweets on Twitter using the hashtag #PrintMyGandi will be the Gandi 20 year collectors’ t-shirt, and 500 copies of each will be printed, with 10 copies given to the winners, and sold on our website with benefits going to the Gandi supported project chosen by each of the winners.

And the top winner gets a smartphone, but not just any—a Fairphone, the ethical telephone that cares for the environment and the well being of the planet’s inhabitants.

In order to put a spotlight on the projects that our close to our heart, Gandi wanted to make our supported projects partners for our #PrintMyGandi game. All proceeds from the sale of our collectors t-shirts will go to the Gandi-supported project chosen by each of the winners from the list below:

The contest winners

The contest has now ended and we’re happy to announce that the three winners are:

N° 1: @Mael_Dreano

Here’s the design that easily won! With 69 likes and retweets, the “Breton” t-shirt captured the hearts of Twitter users.

N° 2: @Lauth0

The second place winner was this design that got 59 likes and retweets. This masterpiece gently ribs Gandi as the dinosaurs of the domain name industry at 20 years old.

N° 3: @MeTaL_PoU

The third place was won by this design full of love with 47 likes and retweets. Created the week of Valentine’s Day, this design came with the sweet and tender description: “When the ethernet cables kiss, the world is more beautiful.

A big bravo to the creators of these designs and a big thank you to everyone who participated.

During this topsy-turvy time, we can’t commit to a particular time when you can buy these collector t-shirts. We will keep you informed, though, once we know more. But if you want to contribute to our supported projects in the meantime, we encourage you to contribute especially to projects participating in the collective effort to fight COVID-19.